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We understand the importance of keeping your valuables safe and secure.

Transportation of artwork, jewelry, antiques, currency and and other valuables can be managed by our off-duty or retired officers.  We are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, vehicles, and staffing ensuring your valuables arrive at their prescribed destination unhindered.

From start to finish, our expert surveillance team, operating non-descript vehicles will follow the cargo vehicle carrying your valuables to their destination.

We will provide the manpower needed to make sure your cargo is delivered safe and secure. Each surveillance and transport team will be equipped with vehicle and cargo tracking devices and video surveillance equipment.  Both can be monitored in real time by our team and the client.

PCS can also provide you with off-duty or retired law enforcement personnel to transport your valuables in a secure vehicle ranging from a small van to a large 26’ cargo truck, eliminating the need for an outside transport/trucking company.

Not only will you be saving money by not contracting with a large trucking company, you will also eliminate anyone besides your staff and our former law enforcement officers any knowledge of the valuables being transported.

And as an added protection, we will equip each truck and cargo with a live GPS tracking device and video monitoring.

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