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In general, the fees for most of our services are based on a rate of $50 per hour, plus all expenses (tolls, gas, etc...) - Minimum Charge of $125.00. However, depending on the job, our fees are often discounted and we offer customized pricing for many of our long distance travels and long days.

Many clients also take advantage of putting us on a retainer, where we are available for a mutually agreed set of services for a mutually agreed retainer fee over a mutually agreed period of time.


For your information, below are the average round-trip travel times from nearby cities/airports based on normal traffic conditions:


From Towson, Maryland

  • Dulles (IAD): 3.5 Hours

  • Philadelphia (PHL): 4 Hours

  • Newark (EWR): 6.5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK): 8 Hours

  • Manhattan: 8 Hours

  • Ocean City, MD / Fenwick, DE: 7 Hours


From Wilmington, Delaware

  • Dulles (IAD):5 Hours

  • Newark (EWR): 5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK): 6 Hours

  • Manhattan: 6 Hours

  • Ocean City, MD / Fenwick, DE: 5.5 Hours

  • Washington DC: 5 Hours


From Ocean City, MD / Fenwick Island, DE

  • Dulles (IAD):7 Hours

  • Philadelphia (PHL): 6.5 Hours

  • Newark (EWR):8.5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK):9 Hours

  • Manhattan:9 Hours

  • Wilmington, DE: 5.5 Hours

  • Washington DC: 6 Hours


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