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Transportation Fees

Personal Driver


We provide the driver; you provide the vehicle.

$50.00 an hour (3 hours minimum)

After 12 hours, we reduce our fee to $40.00 an hour.


All Fees are based on one of our professional drivers utilizing one of your vehicles – Clients are responsible for all other charges (tolls, gas, etc...).


Below are the average roundtrip travel times from nearby cities/airports based on normal traffic conditions:


From Towson, Maryland

  • Dulles (IAD): 3.5 Hours

  • Philadelphia (PHL): 4 Hours

  • Newark (EWR): 6.5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK): 8 Hours

  • Manhattan: 8 Hours

  • Ocean City, MD / Fenwick, DE: 7 Hours


From Wilmington, Delaware

  • Dulles (IAD):5 Hours

  • Newark (EWR): 5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK): 6 Hours

  • Manhattan: 6 Hours

  • Ocean City, MD / Fenwick, DE: 5.5 Hours

  • Washington DC: 5 Hours


From Ocean City, MD / Fenwick Island, DE

  • Dulles (IAD):7 Hours

  • Philadelphia (PHL): 6.5 Hours

  • Newark (EWR):8.5 Hours

  • JFK (JFK):9 Hours

  • Manhattan:9 Hours

  • Wilmington, DE: 5.5 Hours

  • Washington DC: 6 Hours


Discounted travel rates may apply to transporting your pet(s) or driving your vehicle to your second / vacation home.  Contact Bob Peck for current rates.


Personal Escort Service


Our team will escort you around the world, across the country, on a cruise, skiing on a mountain, or visiting a relative or a college.

  • 500.00 per day, plus all expenses (Air, Rental Car, Hotel, meals, etc.)


Cargo and Escort Management Service


We can provide a team of experienced drivers, escort vehicles and observers for uninterrupted travel and provide constant surveillance and protection for your merchandise and valuables.  Each team member is equipped with the necessary equipment from cameras to GPS tracking devices.

  • $50.00 an hour per person, plus any additional expenses.


Home Watch Fees:

  • Full Home Watch Inspection:$50.00 per visit

  • Alarm or Emergency Response: $60.00 for the first hour / $40.00 each additional hour


Scheduled appointment (repairman or other contractors): $50.00 first hour / $40.00 each add. Hour

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