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Police Concierge Services offers a complete Home Watch Service. We closely manage your primary or second home while you are away or even while you are at work and dealing with your everyday busy schedule.  We are there to help you avoid any unforeseen emergency that could occur in your absence and to make sure your already contacted service providers are fulfilling their obligations.

Our clients, up and down the east coast, have off-duty/retired officers conducting thorough inspections of properties on a weekly basis.

Every time PCS visits your property, our office will immediately notify you by email or text.  A thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your property will be concluded and a report will be generated and emailed to you for your records.

Any emergencies or issues that require immediate attention will be addressed and we will contact you by phone, text, and email to inform you of any problems. We will handle the emergency to prevent further damage to your property.

All other concerns will be noted in the inspection report and followed up by a phone call to establish a plan of action to rectify the concern.

PCS also offers key-holding services and will open your property for maintenance, authorized visitors, and other home services you may need while away from your property.

Listed below are a sample of items that we regularly inspect.  We can customize inspections to your specifications and add them to your checklist.


  • Check and Manage Security System(s)

  • Check and Inspect all Appliances

  • Check and Reset Breakers/Fuses, if needed

  • Check Smoke Alarms and Replace Batteries

  • Check for Plumbing and Water Issues Throughout your Residence

  • Adjust Interior Lighting and Setup Lighting Timers

  • Water of Indoor Plants (if requested)
  • Check Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Check and Secure Doors and Windows and Adjust Window Coverings

  • Act as the Emergency Contact in your absence


  • Inspect Doors, Windows and Screens

  • Check for Damage to Roof and Gutters
  • Check Outside Faucets

  • Check all Outside Equipment and Furniture

  • Manage Lawn Care and Snow Removal

  • Check for Vandalism and Unlawful Entry

  • Removal of Newspapers and Unwanted Circulars

  • Manage Pickup and Delivery of Mail and Packages
  • Start all Vehicles

  • Check Genrators, if applicable


  • Prepare you Residence or Second Home for your time away.

  • Become your Primary Contact Person for Alarms and Other Emergencies

  • Setup Wireless Cameras and Alarm Systems

  • Change Light Bulbs

  • Change HVAC Filters

  • Clean Gutters

  • And much more

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